Insurance recommendation: ? anyone have experience with "FullFrame"


Feb 20, 2012
Saw an ad on one of the photo sites about "FullFrame" insurance; it's 99/year for liabiliy, and ~152/year for $20,000 of equipment coverage.

This is about half of what I had seen before. Since i'm an occasional compensated photographer, this is appealing. But, maybe it's a scam or
they make their money by not paying claims?



Feb 20, 2012
I think I had seen this comment before when I searched the posts. a few years back I had a storm damage claim and a jewelry claim on my homeowner's policy; I didn't want to jeopardize my coverage, so I moved the jewelry to its own policy. Good thing- the diamond fell out of my wife's ring a bit later.


Dec 16, 2011
Yeah, home policies can be tricky/finicky and some insurance companies, even huge nationwide companies, will sometimes try to drop you on even the smallest claim.

I had an incident about 13 years ago where I was out of town on a shoot and my vehicle got stolen and most of the equipment I was carrying in it. My equipment was all covered by my business policy. The truck was recovered and the auto policy covered the damage(mostly), but my personal contents(jackets, clothes, iPod, etc.) in the truck had to be filed on my home policy(same company for home and auto). It wasn’t a lot, roughly $1K. Well, the insurance company on the auto side was a complete nightmare and as soon as the policy came up for renewal, I took my home and three vehicles to a competing company(still a major national company). About a month after that, I get a letter from the new company stating that my home policy is going to be cancelled because I had made a claim against my previous home policy with the previous company. What?! Are you frickin’ kidding me? I had just made a $40K+ claim(and it was paid) with my business carrier and they didn’t blink an eye, but a huge national insurance company thought it was too risky to give me home insurance because I had made a $1K claim. Eventually they came to their senses and kept the policy instated after I threatened to take the three vehicles somewhere else, but it’s ridiculous that it even came to that.
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The dark side - I've been there
Nov 7, 2013
I don't live in the states, but from what I've read and heard photo insurances typically take about 1,5 to 3 % of the insured value, especially when things are also insured like theft outside your house or car, clumsiness, dropping, etc. My German insurance is at the lower end of that level.
Taking that $152 for 20k would mean 0,8%. That's half of the lowest common.
That would be a really good offer - if they pay on claims.
But you know... if it's too good to be true...
So I'd be careful. Look for complains. Ask them for references. Ask them how they proceed a claim and look how they answer.

Kit Lens Jockey

Nov 12, 2016
I have been trying to find good insurance for photo insurance for a long time, and I haven't been able to. I currently have my stuff on my homeowners policy, but I feel like I should take it off because I don't think it's worth it based off of all of the stories about having difficulty or being dropped when making a claim. I previously tried to get the equipment on its own policy, but I wasn't able to. I tried State Farm, went back and forth with them a lot, and in the end they wouldn't do it.

I doubt that any of these online insurance companies are worthwhile. I have heard stories that they severely de-value your gear if you ever try to make a claim on it. I have no first-hand experience. But as other's have said, their prices are way too low for real insurance, so something has to be a little fishy with them.