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I would give the 90D a try. It's not a big investment and the jump in image quality from the 7D2 is huge. 9 frames per second is pretty good. I've had excellent results with mine, but haven't used it for sports or birds, so can't comment on AF tracking ability.

Dual card slots would be nice for pro use, but I haven't had a card fail in over a decade, so it's not really an issue for me.

Trey T

Feb 6, 2019
So I haven’t been keeping up with rumors of late and was confused about which camera is supposed to be the 7D series replacement with the discontinuation of that line? I don’t see the 90D filling that spot nor any of the R cameras. The rumored rs will surely be twice the cost of the 7d mkii. So has Canon abandoned hobbyist wildlife shooters or am I missing something? Doesn’t seem right to discontinue a very popular camera which at over 5 years old was due for an upgrade, and have nothing in the pipeline to take it’s place.
There's no direct replacement for 7Dii, in terms of both physical attributes and features, right now. The R6 potentially comes close but it lacks the top LCD screen to be a true replacement. The owner of this site also suggested that the build quality of R6 is not near the R5. In contrast, the 7D line was always built of the same quality or better than 5D (e.g. 5Dii or 5Diii when they both launched).

I own a 7Dii for a year now, came from 7D and 5Dii (and original EOS M) for about decade, and waiting until some report some promising news about the R6. Hopefully, I'll get 10yrs out of the 7Dii
Jan 7, 2019
I've owned the 7D II since it came out. Upgraded from a 7D. I love it. I really wish they would make a 7D III, as I won't move to mirrorless. I may wind up buying another 7DII just in case this one breaks.
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